A Couple of Popculch Items

I was planning on taking the ol’ blogging machine outside and blogging al fresco, but it appears we’re going to get a big dump of rain … oh well, all I was going to blog (for the next hour or so) were a couple of popculch type things. The first comes from the Bleacher Report, which tries to work some classical references into the impending departure of Lebron James from Cleveland, inter alia:

I’m not sure when or why, exactly, the culture of mocking and hate began to overtake the world of sports. Maybe it dates back to the days of the gladiators.

Imagine the complaints of a disgruntled Roman citizen as he filed out of the Colisseum on a warm summer afternoon: “That Euripides, he’s no gladiator! He lacks the killer instinct.”

Or the taunts of unimpressed onlookers at the first Olympiad: “Ulysses, what a joke. He clearly doesn’t have the genitals to be a winner.”

I don’t think that one quite works. The next one is a bit more bizarre, to my mind anyway. As I write this, the number one trending topic on Twitter is “Expecto Patronum“, which is, of course, a reference to Harry Potter. Devoid of context as just a pair of Latin words at the top of the Twitter trending list and with a mind running as far away as it can from kiddie lit at this time of year, however, I couldn’t help but think that perhaps this was another tattoo — along with tutela valui — which Ashley Dupre has inscribed on some covered (in public) part of her body … fwiw …

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