Classical Ink

So there was a bit of twitter chatter about the Daily Mail’s claims about celebrity tattoos ‘causing’ a revival of interest in Latin, and it was decided that we’d start a new feature here which possibly is a bit more realistic in regards to Latin and tattoos by showcasing the Latin/Classical ink festooning the dermises (dermides? dermida?)  of Classicists and/or folks who actually work in Latin or Greek. Francesca Tronchin graciously consented to inaugurate this ongoing series:

Next we have a medievalist — Liam — who works with Latin, of course:

So … if you’re a Classicist or regularly use Latin and/or Ancient Greek in your daily pursuits, whether student or prof, and you sport some Classical ink, feel free to send it in so we can help drive this Latin revival along  (don’t forget to send a link to your blog or website if you have one too!)…


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