Citanda: Pracititioners’ Voices – issue 2

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Practitioners’ Voices Issue 2 ‘Translation, Rewriting and Staging: Scholarship and Creativity in the Reception of Greek and Roman Poetry and Drama’ is now available at

This edition of Practitioners’ Voices publishes interviews with poets, translators and theatre directors. It focuses on how they engage with Greek and Latin material in and through translation, rewriting, new writing and staging (including questions about translation to the stage as well as for the stage). The interviews reflect an increasing interest in how the work of scholars and practitioners is not only mutually informative but also interacts in the creation of literary and theatrical works. The boundaries between translation and creativity are increasingly recognised as porous. Furthermore, various aspects of these activities may interact in the work and careers of the individuals themselves.
The seven people interviewed for this publication represent a broad spectrum of types of engagement with Greek and Roman material and are:

  • Josephine Balmer, Poet and Translator
  • Maureen Almond, Poet
  • Oliver Taplin, Academic, Translator and Writer
  • Martin Wylde, Theatre Director Helen Eastman, Theatre Director
  • Michael Ewans, Academic, Translator and Director
  • Ian Ruffell, Academic and Translator


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