Citanda: The Social Network

Wired has a reviewish thing of The Social Network which begins thusly:

Mark Zuckerberg is many things, not least a student of the classics. He reads Latin and ancient Greek, and his personal motto is said to be Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit, or, loosely translated, “Maybe one day we’ll look back on all this shit and laugh.” Lately, though, he’s probably meditating on another Latin phrase: annus horribilis. Because it’s been one lousy year for the 26-year-old CEO, despite (and also because of) the success of his dormitory-born company, Facebook, aka the most trafficked social-networking site on earth. His squirrely media appearances have been called Nixonian, his hoodie choices have been savagely and publicly critiqued. His occasionally Orwellian quotes have been obsessively parsed. He’s even been stalked by a Gawker paparazzo.

via Sex! Hackers! Embellishment! The Inside Story of the Facebook Movie | Wired.

… anyone know if the Facebook CEO really does have this Classics connection?

2 thoughts on “Citanda: The Social Network

  1. Well, according to Wikipedia, which cites an article that can be traced back to the WSJ, he “immersed himself in Latin” at Philips Exeter Academy, and was known for reciting lines from the Iliad in college.

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