ED: Postgrad Latin Summer School 2011, University of Reading

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University of Reading

Department of Classics

Postgraduate Latin Summer School 2011

Applications are invited for the Postgraduate Summer School in Latin hosted by the Department of Classics, University of Reading, UK.

The Summer School will run 18 July-19 August 2011 and is open to students who have graduated or are in their final year of undergraduate study. It is an ideal opportunity for those planning to do postgraduate work or to pursue a career in Classics teaching.

Students will be expected to have read to the end of section 3 of Reading Latin (or equivalent) before the Summer School begins. They will complete a course of study designed to enable them to engage successfully with unmodified Latin texts.

More detailed information, including instructions on how to register, is available on the website:


Please direct further inquiries to Dr David Carter (d.m.carter AT reading.ac.uk).


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