Reading Odyssey’s Marathon2500 celebration

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Dear Colleagues,

Phil Terry, the Director of the non-profit organisation, The Reading
Odyssey, has asked me to circulate this invitation to join in our
organisation’s activities, including a year-long celebration of the
anniversary of the battle of Marathon.

The year-long program has been designed by Paul Cartledge and The Reading
Odyssey, and includes free webinar/teleconference lectures and a monthly
Herodotus reading group (using the Landmark Herodotus text)

Please consider the following:
– Sharing this invitation with graduate students, undergraduates, other
faculty, friends and colleagues around the world (and any associations).
– Integrating Marathon2500 into your curriculum. Many professors are
integrating these lectures into their curriculum (or making one or more
optional for students).
– Joining the remote lecture network. Students and faculty are attending
together one or more of the lectures. Just let Phil know if you are
bringing a group together live and he will list your university or college
on the remote lecture network page (

I. Marathon2500 Lecture Invitation (webinar/phone-based)

We have designed 8 lectures with some of the top scholars to commemorate the
2,500 year anniversary of the Battle of Marathon. (We take the 2,500 year
anniversary to be in September 2011 but are commemorating Marathon for an
entire year beginning in September 2010.) As you can see below, these
lectures range from Paul Cartledge’s kickoff context-setting talk to Victor
Davis Hanson’s presentation on the life of a solider to Peter Krentz’s
detailed discussion on the battle itself (timed to the publication of his
new book "The Battle of Marathon") to John Marincola’s epilogue.

Registration for all 8 lectures here

or any individual lecture here:

1. Paul Cartledge, Cambridge/NYU, Tue Sep 28 @6pm ET, "The Context and
Meaning of the Battle"

2. Peter Krentz, Davidson College, Tue Oct 12 @ 4pm ET, "The Battle Itself"

3. Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution, Wed Nov 10 @ 1pm ET, "Life of a
Soldier—Greek and Persian"

4. Thomas Harrison, University of Liverpool, Tue Jan 18 @ 1pm ET, "The
Persian Perspective"

5. Dean Karnazes, world-renowned ultramarathoner, Wed Feb 9 @ 1pm ET “The
Battle and Modern Sports”

6. Thomas Scanlon, UC Riverside, Tue Apr 5 @ 1pm ET “Sports in the Ancient

7. Robert Strassler, Independent Scholar, Tue May 10 @ 1pm ET “Herodotus and
the Invention of History” ,

8. John Marincola, Florida State University, Wed Jun 8 @ 4pm ET “Epilogue:
What happened after the Battle"

– – –

II. Herodotus Reading Groups

The Reading Odyssey, the nonprofit running Marathon2500, runs virtual
moderated reading groups on classics such as Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon
and others. For Marathon2500 we are running multiple small sections of
Herodotus. Small groups of 20 will meet by phone monthly to discuss each
book of Herodotus.

Please suggest to your students that they might consider joining a Herodotus
reading group with us.

Registration link:
Dates (via teleconference):Ӭ8pm New York timeӬMondays РOct 11, Nov 15,
Dec 6, Jan 10, Feb 7 and Mar 7, 2011

– – –
Sponsors of the Marathon2500 program include a range of technology companies
– Citrix Online, Constant Contact, Squarespace to the Embassy of Greece. All
of our sponsors are listed here:

– – –
III. Facebook and Twitter

Please also consider asking your students to become fans of our fledgling
Marathon2500 Facebook page and Twitter feed.



On behalf of the global volunteers of the Reading Odyssey, thank you for
considering our invitation to participate in Marathon2500.


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