Ozzy’s Classical DNA

Ozzy Osbourne in 2010.

Image via Wikipedia

This is typical … of the myriad versions of this story — about Ozzy Osbourne’s DNA revealing links to Neanderthals and assorted others, the one I happened to actually read (and post on Facebook) missed out on a Classical connection. Of course the Daily Mail had the part I missed, inter alia:

The researchers discovered that the star shares some DNA with the ancient Romans who were killed in Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD

Osbourne said: ‘That means I’m also probably related to some of the survivors, which makes a lot of sense.

‘If any of the Roman Osbournes drank nearly as much as I used to, they wouldn’t have even felt the lava. They could have just walked it off.’

We won’t comment on the lava reference … it is Ozzy after all.


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