CONF: Classics Seminars at Edinburgh 2010/11: Semester 2

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Please find below the Semester 2 programme of Classics Research Seminars at Edinburgh. All seminars take place on Wednesdays at 5.10pm in the Meadows Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor, Medical School, Teviot Place, Doorway 4, unless otherwise stated. All are welcome to attend. For further information please contact Ursula Rothe (ursula.rothe AT

Edinburgh Classics Research Seminar 2010/11: Semester 2

19th January
‘Caracalla in Ankara AD 215’

26th January
‘Reflections on the last great war of antiquity 603-630’

2nd February
Dr. LISA HAU (Glasgow)
‘Tykhe in Polybius – new answers to an old question’

9th February
‘Is there a Greek concept of fiction?’

23rd February
‘Speaking names: the significance of naming in Catullus’

2nd March
Prof. INEKE SLUITER (Leiden)
‘Free speech and the marketplace of ideas’

9th March
Prof. NICO ROYMANS (VU Amsterdam)
‘The Batavians between Germania and Rome. The emergence of a military people’

16th March
Dr. DYFRI J. R. WILLIAMS (British Museum)
‘Refiguring the Parthenon sculptures’

20th April
Dr. ROBERTA TOMBER (British Museum)
‘Rome’s eastern trade – from the Red Sea to the Bay of Bengal’

27th April
‘Reflections on Trajan’s Pantheon’

CONF: Eight Years In Babylon: Classics and the Iraq War Eight Years On

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The Centre for the Reception of Greece and Rome at Royal Holloway College,
University of London is pleased to announce a conference entitled: Eight
Years in Babylon: Classics and the Iraq War Eight Years On.

In Western Europe and North America, one of the most dominate filters
through which the recent history of relations with Iraq has been processed
is that of ancient Greece. Numerous creative artists as well as academics
have compared and contrasted the Greeks’ view of their Mesopotamian and
other central Asiatic neighbours with modern ethnic stereotyping,
intercultural reportage, and the production of the historical record.

This conference will bring together an interdisciplinary team of artists
and scholars (British, North American, and Iraqi) to ask important
questions surrounding these pieces such as do they form a related body of
work and do they offer new insight into the political discourse
surrounding the Iraq War or the history of Classical Reception?

Currently confirmed speakers are as follows:

Professor Edith Hall (Royal Holloway College, University of London)
Professor Nancy S. Rabinowitz (Hamilton College)
Helen Slaney (Oxford)
Dr. Tony Keen (Open University)
Professor Najim A. Kadhim Al-Dyni (University of Baghdad)
Dr. Christine Lee (Bristol)
Professor Roger Matthews (UCL)
Lt. Mark Larson (United States Army)

The conference will be held on 18 March 2011 at 2 Gower Street, London WC1
B3 beginning at 10:00. There will be no participation fee. For additional
information, please contact Katie Billotte (Conference Convenor, Royal
Holloway College, University of London) at K.Billotte AT

ED: UGA Classics Summer Institute

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UGA’s 2011 Summer Institute courses have been announced!

To view the flyer:

Each year the Institute offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate Latin and Classics courses, including, in odd-numbered years, a methods course for Latin teachers and Intensive Beginning Greek and, in even-numbered years, Intensive Beginning Latin. The Institute curriculum is supplemented by workshops and guest lectures by visiting master teachers and scholars. The program is designed especially for Latin teachers who wish to continue their education or earn a Master’s degree in Latin on a summers-only basis. The faculty of the Department of Classics share in a tradition of cooperation with high school teachers that culminates each summer in an exciting and challenging curriculum. Here are the offerings for the summer of 2011:

First Short Session – June 13 – July 1, exam on July 5
GREK 2050 – Intensive Greek I 9:00 – 11:45 am Park Hall 225 Dr. Naomi Norman

Second Short Session – July 6 – July 26, exam on July 27
GREK 2060 – Intensive Greek II 12:30 – 3:15 pm Park Hall 225 Dr. Charles Platter

LATN 4/6400 – Augustan Literature 1:00 – 3:45 pm Park Hall 114 Dr. Christine Albright

Through Session – June 13 – July 25, exam on July 26
CLAS 4/6329 – Roman Republic 9:00 – 10:15 am Park Hall 228 Dr. T. Keith Dix

LATN 6030 – Tacitus 10:30 am – 12:00 noon Park Hall 116 Dr. John Nicholson

CLAS 8000 – Proseminar 3:50 – 5:50 pm • Mondays Only Park Hall 222 Staff

LATN 4/6770 – Teaching Methods 3:50 – 5:50 pm • Wednesdays Only Park Hall 222 Mr. Randy Fields
For the most up-to-date information about available University Housing, please visit: Off-campus housing is also available. UGA meal plans are offered at low student rates.

Tuition rates for summer 2010 were $250 per credit hour plus $584 in fees for in-state students and $871 per credit hour for out-of state students (2011 rates will be available in early 2011 – please check the UGA Bursar’s Office for the most updated information).

Latin teachers from outside Georgia may complete a tuition waiver to reduce tuition to the in-state level. Modest scholarships are also available from the Department. Scholarships are also offered by non-UGA organizations; please visit for a list.

All Institute participants must be admitted to the University of Georgia, either as Degree or Non-Degree students. Please apply on the Graduate School website at For admission to the Summer Institute, complete the online application packet available at Writing samples may be emailed to grading AT

Application and supporting documents must be received no later than April 1st for domestic applicants, six weeks earlier for international applicants.

For more information, please contact Kay Stanton at gradinq AT or Dr. John Nicholson at jhn AT, or call 706-542-9264.

ED: AAR Classical Summer School 2011

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American Academy in Rome Classical Summer School

This six-week program is designed to provide qualified graduate students, mature undergraduates, and middle school, high school, and two-year college teachers with a well-founded understanding of the growth and development of the city of Rome through a careful study of material remains and literary sources.

(See more information and download forms at:

2011 dates
June 20 – July 29, 2011

2011 application deadline
January 18th, 2011
Notification will be on or around March 1, 2011.

2011 Director
Professor Susann S. Lusnia, FAAR’96, Associate Professor, Department of Classical Studies, Tulane University

Tuition: $1,800
Basic room and board: $4,200 (estimated)
Tuition, room and board will total approximately $6,000, not including airfare, personal
expenses and additional, unplanned expenditures. This estimate does not include lunches, any travel not directly related to the program of the Summer School, nor expenses such as laundry, tips, amusements, or shopping.

Students of the Classical Summer School must stay at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (ICCS). The estimated cost for 6 entire weeks is $4,200 per person for a shared double room and half board (breakfast and dinner 5 days per week, 42 nights). Admission is contingent upon the participant’s agreeing to stay at ICCS.

Application Materials
The deadline for applications is January 18, 2011. Please thoroughly read the 2011 Guidelines before completing the Classical Summer School Application.

All application materials must be mailed or emailed to the Director:
Prof. Susann Lusnia
Department of Classical Studies
210 Jones Hall
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118
Email: lusnia.aarcss AT

All applicants are eligible for the Sollman and CSAAR Scholarships. Applicants are also encouraged to apply for scholarships offered through their regional and state classical organizations. Fulbright Commission grants are open only to secondary school teachers of Latin, and have a January 11, 2011 deadline. Applicants for all scholarships MUST ALSO submit the Classical Summer School application to the Director.