They Happen in Threes

Some interesting tidbits hit my emailbox over the past few days, and it seems that they might be best presented together. The first two are actually cartoons posted by James McGrath on facebook in regards to how ‘science reporting’ seems to work … seems to me, they work just as well for archaeological reporting. The first comes from Abstruse Goose and reminds me of that ‘gladiatrix’ story from a few months ago:

Abstruse Goose

Next, from SMBC:


… which pretty much applies to the ‘Lost Legion in China’ stuff of late …

Coincidentally this week, rogueclassicism was mentioned in passing in the Times Higher Education thing in an article by Jay Kennedy (“My Dan Brown Moment”), whose work in what’s been dubbed ‘The Plato Code’, will fall into one or the other categories above for many of our readers, depending on which side of the fence they’re on.

4 thoughts on “They Happen in Threes

    1. “Was Darwin Wrong” was the huge headline of a National Geographic a few years ago… the article began with a “No” that took up half the page, and went on to explain exactly why.

  1. For those who wish to look it up, the National Geographic number was vol. 206 no. 5 (November 2004), and the article and accompanying items ran on pp. 2-35.

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