JOB: Amphora Seeks a New Editor and Assistant Editor

Seen on the Classics list (please direct any queries to the folks mentioned in the item and not to rogueclassicism):

Amphora, the Outreach publication of the American Philological Association, is seeking two classicists, preferably with university, secondary school or equivalent institutional associations, a record of publication, and editorial experience to serve as its Editor and Assistant Editor. These appointments will take effect in January 2012, when the terms of the incumbent Editor and Assistant Editor conclude. The initial term of appointment for both Editors will be for two years, with the possibility of reappointment. The Editor receives an honorarium of $500 per issue; the Assistant Editor, an honorarium of $500 per year.

Sponsored by the APA Committee on Outreach, and currently appearing on an annual basis in both electronic and print formats, Amphora aims to convey the intellectual excitement of classical studies to a broad readership. It offers accessible articles written by professional scholars and experts on topics of interest that include classical languages, literature, mythology, history, culture, tradition and recepton, archaeology and the arts, as well as reviews of books, films and websites.

Engaging and informative, Amphora is intended for a diverse group of classics enthusiasts: K-12 teachers and students, classicists at colleges and universities, present and former classics majors, administrators in the field of education, community leaders, and interested academics and professionals in other fields. Although Amphora is currently published once a year, the APA may return to publishing two issues annually if its budget permits.

The Editor is in charge of determining the direction and content of each issue, soliciting individual articles, finding qualified referees, selecting suitable photographs and illustrations, and editing and proofreading the final text.The Assistant Editor assists the Editor with these tasks and solicits books for review, assigns reviewers, and edits the content of reviews in coordination with referees. Both work closely with an Editorial Board on the selection and review of articles and also collaborate with the APA’s Information Architect to increase the interactive possibilities of Amphora as an online publication, and with the Vice-President of the Division of Outreach to prepare "press releases" about selected articles for media outlets with a wide circulation.

The search committee for both positions is chaired by Professor Judith P Hallett, University of Maryland, College Park, the current APA Vice-President for Outreach. Its members, drawn from both the Amphora editorial board and the APA Board of Directors, are Dr. Adam Blistein, APA Executive Director, ex officio; Professor Barbara Weiden Boyd, Bowdoin College; Professor Matthew Dillon, Loyola-Marymount University; Professor John Gruber-Miller, Cornell College; Professor T. Davina McClain, Louisiana Scholars’ College at Northwestern State University, ex officio; and Professor Kathryn A. Morgan, University of California at Los Angeles.

We welcome applications that propose innovative publication strategies and ideas for increasing the journal’s audience. Those interested in either or both positions should send a letter outlining their qualifications along with a curriculum vitae to Dr. Blistein, blistein AT by March 15, 2011.

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