Remembering Werner Jaeger

From Jay Norlinger’s Impromptus column at NRO:

Have you ever been so excited by a teacher — by listening to him, by being in his classroom — that you could hardly pay attention? I was talking to a friend of mine who went to Harvard College in the 1950s, I believe. His Greek-history professor was the renowned Werner Jaeger. My friend said, “I was so excited, he was such a great teacher, I could hardly concentrate on what he was saying. It was just so great to be there. And we found excuses to visit him during office hours — just to be in his presence.”

Everyone should have a professor like that — maybe two. I wish I could have sat in on Jaeger. My friend added that the professor did not actually visit Greece, his lifelong subject — his forte, if you will — until quite late in his life. People didn’t jet about so much then.


One thought on “Remembering Werner Jaeger

  1. My mother, the only Greek major of Wellesley ’42, didn’t make it to Greece until 40 or 50 years later. Luckily, she was in Athens on a clear night of full moon, & got the Acropolis by moon-light.

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