CFP: Ancient Ideas in the Modern World: Reinventing the Legacy of Greece

Seen on the Classicists list:

Call for papers – Postgraduate Conference

Ancient Ideas in the Modern World: Reinventing the Legacy of Greece
Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge, Friday 8th July 2011

This postgraduate conference aims to provide an interdisciplinary
forum for those working on the reception of classical Greek thought,
specifically vis-à-vis the conceptual life of the polis in modern
theory and practice.

Why does Greek political thought continue to fascinate western
political theorists from wildly divergent ideological traditions?
Why have the ideas behind the Athenian paideia and Spartan agoge had
so strong an influence across so many different societies?
How significantly have our own perceptions of the ancient world been
coloured by the interpretations of 19th century Classicists?
Why are classical foundations so important in the work of post-modern
critics such as Derrida and Kristeva?

We welcome contributions in any of these areas, both from Classicists,
and from those working in other relevant humanities disciplines.
Interested students are invited to submit titles and abstracts (c. 300
words) for 20 minute papers to Helen Roche (hber2) and Carol
Atack (cwa24 AT by Friday March 25th 2011.

We envisage there being two panels – one more focused on theory and
theorists, the other on political actors and cultural history. In
addition, there will be a keynote address given by Professor Paul
Cartledge, A.G. Leventis Professor of Greek Culture, Faculty of
Classics, Cambridge University.

For further information please contact the organisers: Carol Atack
(cwa24) or Helen Roche (hber2 AT

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