Nero Aureus From India

This one’s been bouncing around Facebook for the past little while (tip o’ the pileus to Adrian Murdoch and Dorothy King for beating my spiders to this one … they still haven’t found it). From the Times of India:

A gold coin said to be belonging to the Roman era and issued by the VIIth Roman emperor, Nero Caesar, was retrieved by the state archaeology department during their recent excavations at the Buddhist site in Phanigiri, Nalgonda district. The coin, weighing about 7.3 grams, was unearthed along with a handful of teracotta figurines, stucco images, beads made of conches and some precious stones.

“It is for the first time that a Roman gold coin has been recovered from a Buddhist site in Andhra Pradesh,” said P Chenna Reddy, director, department of archaeology and museums, in a press release issued on Thursday. Reddy stated that in the past too several antiques have been retrieved from Phanigiri, which includes stupas, coins and silver artefacts.

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