CONF: The Aulos in Ancient Greek Music. Celebrating the Reading Aulos

Seen on the Classicists list:

The Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology at the University of Reading is home to a rare example of a popular musical instrument from the ancient world. The instrument is an aulos, a form of pipe or oboe, played by blowing through a reed. On Friday March 25th, 2011 the "Reading Aulos" will be a focus of an international colloquium bringing together a panel of experts from the United Kingdom and Europe to discuss aspects of aulos-music and its role in Greek society. Speakers will be Amy Smith (Reading, curator of the Ure Museum), Stelios Psaroudakes (Athens), Stefan Hagel (Vienna), Helen King (Open University) and Ewen Bowie (Oxford).

All are welcome, though we ask that anyone intending to come email in advance (i.c.rutherford AT, so that we can have an idea of numbers. The venue is the Ure Museum in the Classics Department at Reading, located in the HUMSS building. Visitors can download a map of the Whiteknights Campus from the University website (; the HUMSS building is number "1" on the map. The programme can be found at the end of this message, and also at:

For an image of the aulos, see: For more information, see also the BBC History of the World in 100 objects website:

Ian Rutherford


11.30 Amy Smith (Reading):
"The Reading aulos: an autopsy"

12.00 Stelios Psaroudakes (Athens):
"Veritable auloi: a history of discoveries"

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Stefan Hagel (Vienna):
"Phrygian etc. What we don’t know about the early aulos"

15.00 Helen King (Open University):
"Fear of Falling, Fear of Flute Girls: Phobia in Epidemics 5 and 7"

16.00 Ewen Bowie (Oxford):
"Sacadas’ Story"

17.00 Drinks reception

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