Byzantine Mosaic from Deir Sounbol

A bit out of our period (probably) … from the Global Arab Network:

Head of the Excavation and Studies Department, Anas Haj Zaiydan said that just a part of the mosaic painting was found at the eastern side of the church, adding that the painting is 5-meter long and 4-meter wide.

He indicated that the eastern part of the painting is burnt, adding that the part which is located to the west of the marble-made basis is also damaged as well as the northern and southern corners of the painting.

The painting is embroidered with geometric and floral shapes, in addition to some written inscriptions.

For his part, Chairman of Idleb Antiquities Directorate, Nicolas Dabbas, said that two separated Greek texts are written on the painting, the first of which consists of five lines while the second consists of three lines.

The two texts contain prayers and religious supplications, in addition to the name of the church’s owner, and of the person who supervised the painting.

A rather unenlightening (in the sense that you really can’t see much of interest) photo accompanies the original article …

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