Possible Classics Dream Job?

I’d probably apply for this if I were in London (although I’m not qualified on the sailing and musical side of things) … from the Evening Standard:

Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin are advertising for a private tutor to teach their children ancient Greek, Latin, French and Spanish.

The American actress and the Coldplay singer, who live in London, also want the teacher to be able to sail and play tennis, as well as be Grade 8 qualified in two musical instruments.

The reward for teaching daughter Apple, seven, and Moses, five, for two to four hours a day will be £60,000 a year, free use of a west London flat and global travel with the family, all expenses paid.

Martin, 34, who has a first-class degree in Greek and Latin, and Paltrow, 38, have placed an advert on the Tutors-International.com website and have already interviewed hopefuls.

A friend of the couple said: “They’re looking for someone with amazing qualifications – fluent in languages, able to play two instruments and sporty.

“It’s likely the tutor will be Oxbridge educated.”

I do hope we find out who does get hired for this …

UPDATE (a few minutes later): if we believe the New York Post, we’re all geniuses: Wanted: Genius to tutor Paltrow and Chris Martin’s kids

UPDATE (the next day): The Daily Mail‘s coverage includes this little bit of provocativity:

In their advert, posted on Tutors-International.com, the couple claimed they decided to seek private tuition because the British education system ‘lacks traditional elements of classical thought and learning’.

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