From the Mailbag: Roman Voices Wiki

An interesting project and worth a look:

Dear Mr. Meadows,

I would like to announce the public launch of RomanVoices, a Stanford class wiki project featuring some extraordinary research and presentations by students of various obscure Roman primary source documents.

Highlights include:

Miles Untereiner’s presentation of a mining contract from Vipasca, Portugal:

Lillian McBee’s project discussing a student’s quest to find a great professor in the big city of Alexandria:

and Leander Love-Anderegg’s analysis of the motivations behind a bitter court case in which a man alleged that his ex-wife was pregnant, despite her denials:

All these students, and many others in the class, have really tried to contribute to the world’s greater understanding of Roman social and economic history. Many of the documents also use multimedia in innovative ways, combining video, images, and texts in order to communicate the fruits of their research to a non-scholarly audience.

They and I would like to see their work disseminated as widely as possible. In class, students commented that their favorite part of this project was having a chance for other students to see and comment on their page, and vice versa; it gave them a sense of ownership and pride in their work, in many cases for the first time.

In any case, if you or your readers want some brief glimpses into Roman education, military life, nasty divorces, or what an ancient care package looked like, please check out!

Anise K. Strong

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