CFP: The Many Faces of a Hellenistic King

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“The Many Faces of a Hellenistic King”

A Multi-disciplinary Conference on Hellenistic Kingship
Department of Archaeology, Durham University

11th-12th November 2011

In association with the Centre for the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean
and the Near East and the Institute of Advanced Studies
“Hellenistic Kingship” is one of these notions that are diverse and have
more than one side of interpretation. Hellenistic kingdoms were of a
unique nature; they were constructed of mixed cultures and beliefs. The
Hellenistic King embodied two different kingships: the Hellenistic,
personal kingship as Basileus and the national kingship of the state he
ruled over. The two kingships of the Hellenistic rulers were designed to
address the Greeks and the native populations. Thus, it is important when
interpreting Hellenistic royal ideology to link the new administration to
the previously existing government, placing both the Greek and the local
perspective within the same framework.

How did the Hellenistic rulers present themselves or wish to be seen? How
far did accommodating to local traditions affect the original identity of
the Hellenistic king? Could a single formula of the various aspects of
Hellenistic kingship be developed from existing ideologies?
This conference aims to offer a re-interpretation of the notion of
Hellenistic Kingship through a cross-disciplinary dialogue.

First Call for Papers
Established academics, early career researchers and postgraduate students
across disciplines: archaeology, classics, ancient history, papyrology,
theology and religion or any other relevant field are cordially invited to
submit abstracts (max. 200 words) for a 30 minute paper to
hellenistic.kingship on any research topic related to
Hellenistic kingship in its various kingdoms within Alexander’s empire.
The deadline for submitting abstracts is 15th of September 2011.
Suggested themes may include but not restricted to:
– King or Emperor?
– Cultural interaction
– Deification
– Representations
– Parallels
– Archaism / Innovations
– Foreign Affairs
– Commerce and Economy
Conference Organisers:
Dr. Penelope Wilson
Heba Abd El Gawad

For further information please contact us on
hellenistic.kingship AT


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