Podcast: The Rise and Fall of Carthage

One of my many summer resolutions is to be better keeping on top of podcasts (to which end I bought some nice Skullcandy speakers for my iPod with my BestBuy dollars).  This one’s actually kind of interesting because ages ago I found the Stuff You Missed in History Class’ hosts’ voices incredibly irritating. They’ve either changed hosts or learned to become less Valley Girlish. In any event, Here’s the official description:

Carthage was a trading hub of the ancient world, challenging the budding Roman Republic. In 264 B.C., Rome and Carthage began the Punic Wars, which continued for more than  a century. Tune in to learn more about the rise — and fall — of Carthage.

… and it’s a pretty good overview of matters Carthaginian, with the bonus that they don’t fall for the sowing the fields with salt thing.

[incidentally, if folks know of podcasts I should be following (I’ve been out of the loop for a while), feel free to drop me a line]

4 thoughts on “Podcast: The Rise and Fall of Carthage

    1. I do like Dan Carlin’s stuff … I’m just balking at his latest five-hour effort though …

    1. The Carthage that was used as a staging point for sacking rome by the vandals wasn’t punic in character, it was a roman colony, ruled by germans, and populated by a multi cultural merchant class.

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