New from Didaskalia 8

I’m kind of confused about how Didaskalia operates … a while back, we posted their ‘latest issue’s’ TOC, but it appears that some things have been added in the meantime … here’s one set of new items (their description):

We are pleased to present a collection of pieces (8.07–8.11), organized by former Didaskalia editor Jane Montgomery Griffiths, on the Sydney Theatre Company’s 2008 production of The Women of Troy, adapted by Tom Wright and Barrie Kosky and directed by Kosky. Elizabeth Hale, guest editor for the collection, introduces the production and the articles, which include essays from Helen Slaney, Michael Halliwell, Michael Ewans, and Marguerite Johnson.

… which I became aware of because my spiders brought back these:

2 thoughts on “New from Didaskalia 8

  1. Thank you for posting this. If you find a way to receive new content alerts (RSS, Atom, or otherwise) from Didaskalia, please let me know via email, or just post a follow-up on the blog. I enjoy your blog very much.

    Thank You,
    ~ Joe

    1. Thank you both for posting! As we continue to improve the relaunched DIDASKALIA, we’re still working many things out, both in matters of policy and matters of style. RSS capability is already high on our to-do list.

      thanks so much,

      Amy R. Cohen
      editor, DIDASKALIA

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