Roman Mystery Pot of Holes!/ojarus/status/104198886696034305

… might have to take the drive to look at this one …

UPDATE (an hour or so of websurfing later): I don’t think the item in question is Roman … here’s some comparanda:

UPDATE II (a couple hours after that):  I probably should mention that the item *is* similar to an item from Chiusi (explanation here … scroll down a bit), but by my reckoning, the holes in the item in question are way too large (I’m guesstimating they’re at least a cm in diameter) and go right to the bottom, which would allow  dormice to escape. The Chiusi item also has the little ‘shelves and play areas’ which one usually seems to find in the dormice ‘habitats’. I’m sure the folks in London, Ontario would have mentioned if they were in there.

UPDATE III (a bit after that): I’m just going to start adding examples as I come across them below:

UPDATE IV (the next day): maybe it is Roman … here’s something that occurred to me

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