CONF: Poetics in the Greco-Roman World

Seen on the Classicists list:

Poetics in the Greco-Roman World

4-9 October 2011
University of Belgrade/University College London/Institute of Classical Studies

The University of Belgrade, in collaboration with University College London
and the Institute of Classical Studies, is hosting an international
conference on Greek and Roman poetics, which will take place in Belgrade
from 4 to 9 October 2011. This conference will bring together a
distinguished international array of speakers on a wide variety of aspects
of Greek and Roman poetics. The conference will include papers both on
larger themes such as origins, evolution, competing/contesting/contrasting
models and also more specific papers on topics such as style and genre(s),
as well as reception both within antiquity and from antiquity to the modern
era and comparisons and contrasts between Greek poetics and the poetics of
other cultures and periods.

Details, including programme and booking form, at

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