Also Seen: Vectorworks in Classical Archaeology

Vectorworks appears to be a CAD software package and was used by archaeologist Jacopo Bonetto in his work at Nora … the Vectorworks people have a mini-feature on their website:

When designers use our software in unique ways, we are all ears!

Jacopo Bonetto, Associate Professor of Greek and Roman Archaeology at the University of Padua, rebuilds ancient societies using the design tools in Vectorworks software. He and his students started excavating the Nora Archaeological Site in 1997 and concluded the Roman forum in 2007. In 2008, they began the next phase–to conduct a complete excavation of the sacred area that also includes a Roman temple–and to manage the corresponding reconstruction and restoration of the structures for public visits.

With Vectorworks software, Bonetto and his students have been able to answer many of the questions regarding the use of the holy ancient building. They rely on 2D drawings to reconstruct these vanished worlds. The team is also beginning to make a 3D reconstruction of the ancient buildings of Nora. “Vectorworks is an essential tool for our work. It allows students to learn the architectural and artifact drawing practice in an easy and fast manner,” explains Bonetto. “Using Vectorworks means that we save a lot of time because it’s so easy to learn, especially for students who may not be as familiar with the CAD world. Vectorworks also supports us in each phase of drawing practice—from field drawing to presentation.

… to read Bonetto’s (interesting) case study (which is a useful look at the use of technology in such contexts), download the pdf

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