From the Italian Press: Speaking of Tsunamis …

I’m starting the day by going through the Italian press and came across an interesting-sounding exhibition which takes an Early Bronze Age tsunami which hit the region around Salerno:

I think we need to start a list of such aquatic events in the ancient world … we’ve just mentioned the on at Lechaion mentioned by Corinthian Matters: Did a tsunami destroy ancient Lechaion? … we’ve also heard of one hitting ancient Olympia: Olympia Hit by a Tsunami? — both Lechaion and Olympia, interestingly, in the 6th century A.D. … our initial mention of ancient tsunami related to a 4th-century event in Alexandria: Ancient Tsunami

One thought on “From the Italian Press: Speaking of Tsunamis …

  1. There’s an Italian tsunami catalog here, but it hasn’t been updated since 2007, and they have strict guidelines as to what constitutes a tsunami, which is included etc. One of us has also also found ancient references to a possible tsunami in 43 BCE, roughly around the time of the forming of the triumvirate (see here). Another place to have a first look may also be the Wikipedia article on real and possible historic tsunamis.

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