Reviews from BMCR

  • 2012.01.50:  Perrine Galand-Hallyn, Fernand Hallyn, Carlos Lévy, Wim Verbaal, Quintilien: ancien et moderne études réunies. Latinitates, 3.
  • 2012.01.49:  Marie Verdoner, Narrated Reality: the Historia ecclesiastica of Eusebius of Caesarea. Early Christianity in the context of antiquity, 9.
  • 2012.01.48:  Claudia Bolgia, Rosamond McKitterick, John Osborne, Rome across Time and Space: Cultural Transmission and the Exchange of Ideas, c. 500-1400.
  • 2012.01.47:  Annunziata Rositani, Harvest Texts in the British Museum. Rivista degli studi orientali, nuova serie. Supplemento, no 1, vol. 82.
  • 2012.01.46:  Concetta Luna, Alain-Philippe Segonds, Proclus, Commentaire sur le Parménide de Platon. Tome II, livre II. Collection des universités de France. Série grecque, 476.
  • 2012.01.45:  Mabel Lang, Thucydidean Narrative and Discourse.

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