Ides of March Madness ~ 2012 Edition

Well last year we threatened to make this sort of post a tradition and this year we carry out the threat, so break out the vodka and clamato juice (I guess that’s a Canadian thing) and enjoy:

We’ll begin with the usual items from our archives:

… and do our traditional highlighting of a couple, e.g.: SCTV’s production of Julius Caesar (interrupted by CCCP1 broadcast … the Julius Caesar resumes at roughly the four minute mark):

… and, of course, no Ides of March would be complete without Wayne And Schuster’s Classic Rinse the Blood Off My Toga:

In addition:

We’ll add some visuals to the compendium this year … via Vicki Alvear Shecter:

… and last night, while looking for a Caesar cookie cutter (mentioned on the Latinteach list), I came across this on the Citrus Report:

… and Somecards always has a nice card to remember the day:

… and as long as we’ve devolved into silliness, we’ll end with something shamelessly swiped from our favourite Trekkie (George Takei) on facebook:


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