CONF: Stesichorus Conference 2012

Seen on the Classicists list:

A two day international conference on the archaic Greek poet Stesichorus will be held on June 29th

and 30th 2012, in the Kendrew Building in St John’s College, Oxford.

Stesichorus was regarded by ancient critics as one of the greatest poetic talents between Homer
and tragedy. His works were almost completely lost in late antiquity, but over the last sixty years
many have been rediscovered on papyrus. No new fragments have appeared for over twenty years
now, so it seems a good moment to assess the nature of Stesichorus’ literary achievement and his
legacy to later poets. As far as we know, this is the first conference devoted to his oeuvre.

The programme for this conference is as follows:

Friday 29th June

9.00-9.30 Welcome
9.30-10.30 Prof. Ewen Bowie Stesichorus and Athens
10.30-11.00 Tea/Coffee
11.00-12.00 Dr Adrian Kelly Stesichorus’ Homer
12.00-13.00 Prof Chris Carey Stesichorus and the Epic Cycle

13.00-14.30 Lunch

14.30-15.30 Dr Maria Xanthou Stesichorus’ women: genealogy, beauty, and heroic
15.30-16.30 Dr Patrick Finglass Stesichorus, master of narrative
16.30-17.00 Tea/Coffee
17.00-18.00 Dr Dirk Obbink Stesichorus on and off the pots

Evening Dinner

Saturday 30th June

9.30-10.30 Prof Martin West Epic, lyric, and lyric epic
10.30-11.00 Tea/Coffee
11.00-12.00 Prof Richard Hunter Sweet Stesichorus: Theocritus and the Helen revisited
12.00-13.00 Prof Ian Rutherford Stesichorus’ Rhadine

13.00-14.30 Lunch

14.30-15.30 Prof Ettore Cingano The indirect tradition of Stesichorus
15.30-16.30 Dr Gerson Schade Stesichorus’ readers: from Simonides to Anne Carson
16.30-17.00 Tea/Coffee
17.00-18.00 Dr Malcolm Davies Stesichorus and folk-tale

18.00-18.30 Final discussion; close

The conference is generously sponsored by the Oxford Faculty of Classics, by the Craven
Committee, and by St John’s College. The conference fee is £3 for one day, £6 for both days, and
includes tea and coffee. Lunch and dinner are available at St John’s, at a cost; likewise
accommodation, subject to availability. Please get in touch with one of the organisers to book a
place and for further details.

Patrick Finglass, Nottingham
patrick.finglass AT

Adrian Kelly, Oxford
adrian.kelly AT

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