Gladiators Get the Boot

Kind of surprised this isn’t getting more attention … it’ll probably show up in weekend papers or something … from UPI:

Rome city officials said the costumed gladiators and centurions will no longer be allowed to ask for money around the Colosseum.

Davide Bordoni, the city’s councilor for commerce, said a task force will be in effect starting Friday to stop the costumed performers from asking tourists to pay them money to pose for pictures, ANSA reported Thursday.

Archeology Superintendent Maria Rosa Barbera, who ordered the crackdown, also told licensed vendors around the Colosseum to distance themselves from the costumed characters.

Officials said the gladiators and centurions will still be able to work in locations including the road leading to the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Renaissance Piazza Navona.

… this is likely a followup to last summer’s: Gladiator Sting at Colosseum

Other coverage:

One thought on “Gladiators Get the Boot

  1. Aslong as they don’t go away. I love seeing these Romans around Rome. Now add a few gladiators ie Spartacus style. And I’ll move there

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