CONF: Menander in Contexts

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Menander in Contexts

23 – 25 July 2012
Lincoln Hall, University of Nottingham

It is now over a century since Menander made his first great step back from
the shades with the publication of the Cairo codex, and over half a century
since we were first able to read one of his plays virtually complete; since
that time our knowledge of his work has been continually enhanced by further
papyrus discoveries. This international conference is designed to examine
and explore the Menander we know today in the light of the various literary,
intellectual and social contexts in which they can be viewed, more
particularly in relation to

· the society, culture and politics of the post-Alexander decades

· the intellectual currents of the period

· literary precursors and intertexts, especially in comedy and

· the reception of Menander, in antiquity and in modern times

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