Reviews from Bryn Mawr Classical Review

  • 2012.04.27:  Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones, James Robson, Ctesias’ History of Persia: Tales of the Orient. Routledge classical translations.
  • 2012.04.26:  Isabelle Loring Wallace, Jennie Hirsh, Contemporary Art and Classical Myth.
  • 2012.04.25:  Ihor Ševčenko, Chronographiae quae Theophanis Continuati nomine fertur liber quo Vita Basilii imperatoris amplectitur. Corpus Fontium Historiae Byzantinae 42.
  • 2012.04.24:  William Brockliss, Pramit Chaudhuri, Ayelet Haimson Lushkov, Katherine Wasdin, Reception and the Classics: an Interdisciplinary Approach to the Classical Tradition. Yale classical studies, 36.
  • 2012.04.23:  Harry Love, Hūrai.
  • 2012.04.22:  Richard Stoneman, The Ancient Oracles: Making the Gods Speak.
  • 2012.04.21:  Michel E. Fuchs, Benoît Dubosson, Theatra et spectacula: les grands monuments des jeux dans l’antiquité. Etudes de Lettres, 288.
  • 2012.04.20:  Anne Merker, Une morale pour les mortels: l’éthique de Platon et d’Aristote. L’Âne d’or.
  • 2012.04.19:  Giovanna Pace, Giovanni Tzetzes, La poesia tragica. Edizione critica, traduzione e commento (2nd edition; first published 2007). Speculum, 27.
  • 2012.04.18:  Richard Alston, Edith Hall, Laura Proffitt, Reading Ancient Slavery.
  • 2012.04.17:  Philip P. Betancourt, The Bronze Age Begins: the Ceramics Revolution of Early Minoan I and the New Forms of Wealth that Transformed Prehistoric Society.
  • 2012.04.16:  Pierre Destrée, Fritz-Gregor Herrmann, Plato and the Poets. Mnemosyne supplements. Monographs on Greek and Latin language and literature, 328.
  • 2012.04.15:  Juan Gil, Sofía Torallas Tovar, Hadrianus. P.Monts.Roca III. Orientalia Montserratensia, 5.
  • 2012.04.14:  Richard J. A. Talbert, Rome’s World: The Peutinger Map Reconsidered.

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