This Day in Ancient History: ante diem xiii kalendas maias

ante diem xiii kalendas maias

  • ludi Cereri (day 8)– games in honour of the grain goddess Ceres, instituted by/before 202 B.C.
  • Cerealia — the actual date of the Cerealia is uncertain, but it ‘reenacted’ Ceres’ search for her daughter Proserpina, with apparently all participants and spectators dressed in white.
  • 69 A.D. — Vitellius is recognized as emperor by the senate in Rome
Spring (194) by Lawrence Alma-Tadema, depictin...
Spring (194) by Lawrence Alma-Tadema, depicting the Cerealia in a Roman street (J. Paul Getty Museum) Swanson, Alma-Tadema, p. 130 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

… we also note today is the commemoration of an (undated) Roman soldier saint Expeditus

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