CONF: Sport and Competition in Greece and Rome

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Further details below of the two-day interdisciplinary conference Sport and

competition in Greece and Rome at the British Museum to celebrate the return
of the Olympics to Britain. All welcome.

Date 14-15 June 2012


Laura Ambrosini, ISCIMA: Sports in ancient Etruria

Filippo Canali De Rossi: Sport in Rome

Chris Carey, UCL: Song and stone in public space

Hazel Dodge, Trinity College Dublin: Charioteer Mosaics

Mark Golden, University of Winnipeg: Olive-tinted spectacles: the mirage of
Olympic continuity

Ian Jenkins, British Museum: The discobolus

Jason König, University of St Andrews: Philostratus’ Gymnasticus and beyond:
concepts of Olympic history and Olympic continuity in imperial Greek literature

Leslie Kurke, University of California, Berkeley: Athletes and (as) Dedications

Vivienne Lo, UCL: Perfect bodies: sports medicine and immortality

Zahra Newby, University of Warwick: Sport and Identity in the Art of the
Roman Empire

Robin Osborne, University of Cambridge: The origins of the non-competitive
sports day

Olga Palagia, University of Athens: The Motya charioteer – an alternative view

Alan Peatfield, University College Dublin: Greek combat sports: from image
to technique

Chris Pelling, University of Oxford: Bigness and Greekness: Herodotus on the

Otto Schantz, University of Koblenz: Reception of Ancient Greece in Modern
Olympic Narratives

Reinhard Senff, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Athens: Ancient horse
races and the hippodrome at Olympia

Judith Swaddling, British Museum: Honouring athletes

Oliver Taplin, University of Oxford: Competition and the spread of Greek theatre

Hans Van Wees, UCL: Fighting over the Olympics: war and games in archaic and
classical Greece

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