Brill Fonts

The folks over at the place that turns out incredibly expensive (it seems to me) books have come out with a realllllllllllllllllllly nice font package. Here’s a bit of their blurb:

After careful consideration, Brill has taken the initiative of designing a typeface. Named “the Brill”, it presents complete coverage of the Latin script with the full range of diacritics and linguistics (IPA) characters used to display any language from any period correctly, and Greek and Cyrillic are also covered. There are over 5,100 characters in all. This indispensable tool for scholars will become freely available later this year for non-commercial use. You will be able to download the font package after agreeing to the End User License Agreement. “The Brill” is available in roman, italic, bold, and bold italic, with all necessary punctuation marks and a wide assortment of symbols. It will be especially welcomed by humanities scholars quoting from texts in any language, ancient or modern. “The Brill” complies with all international standards, including Unicode. John Hudson of Tiro Typeworks, well-known for his multilingual fonts, is the Brill’s designer.

… for those of you wondering, it has macrons and near as I can tell it has ligatures and other sorts of things which Classicists would need in a font. Might be worth checking out (and it will be free, apparently):


One thought on “Brill Fonts

  1. But note, it may *not* be used in published work unless Brill is the publisher or gives authorization. That significantly diminishes its usefulness…

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