ED: Conventiculum Bostoniense

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I would like to announce the 2012 installment of the full-immersion, residential experience, the CONVENTICULUM BOSTONIENSE. We’re particularly excited about our program this year. First of all, we have a number of distinguished faculty. Apart from the creators of the current version of the Conventiculum, Profs. Emily McDermott, specialist in Horace and Latin poetry generally, and Pliny scholar Jacqueline Carlon, joining us this year as a newly minted faculty member and re-joining us as a conventiculum instructor is Neo-Latinist and living Latin expert James Dobreff. He’s published on the Swedish botanist Daniel Rolander, and has 15 years of experience in active teaching methods. Returning to teach for us is another living Latin expert, David Morgan, who is currently working on a comprehensive neo-Latin lexicon. We are also honored to have Jeanne Neumann, professor at Davidson College and author of the College Companion to Ørberg’s Latina Lingua per se Illustrata, as one of our “adiutores”. “Adiutores” are fluent speakers of Latin who will reside on campus and increase the number and quality of the interactive experiences for students during the week that the CB is in session.

Here’s some more specific information. The Conventiculum Bostoniense is a full-immersion residential experience, specifically designed for teachers in schools and universities who want to gain some ability to communicate ex-tempore in correct Latin on a wide range of subjects. Participants will enhance and develop their own abilities to express themselves in Latin, both in speaking and writing, and at the same time will explore various ways to employ active Latin in the classroom to enhance the learning experience of their students. After the first evening’s arrival and orientation session, participants will speak Latin exclusively with one another and the faculty for seven days.

Two different graduate level courses are offered during the Conventiculum, one for first time attendees and one for re- turning participants as described below. Days are filled with instructional activities, including sessions focused on oral expression or prose composition, opportunities for social interaction (particularly at meals and in the dormitories), and excursions to the beach and local attractions, including museums and a winery.

For more information, and to apply, please visit http://conventiculum.org.

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