FYI: Problems at the APA Site

Saw this on the Classics list:

Visitors to both and are likely to encounter a “Reported Attack Page” message. A group of hackers has exploited a hole in the security of the company that hosts our domain, and they have inserted some malicious code into the body of several sites on the same server. We are working with the hosting company to remove that code and apply updates to prevent other attacks.

The good news is that none of our members’ information has been compromised by today’s attack. The placement service site was not touched at all by it, since a different company hosts the subdomain and does not have the same security issue. Visitors to the placement service site might still see the “Reported Attack Page” message, but that is only because the entire domain has been flagged as suspicious. We hope to resolve this security issue soon.


Samuel J. Huskey
Information Architect
American Philological Association
Chair, Department of Classics and Letters
University of Oklahoma

UPDATE (the next day): According to another missive from Dr. Huskey, the problems have now been resolved.

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