Roman Sarcophagus from the Sea ~ Followup

I know … I know … I just blogged about it a couple hours ago, but Tom Elliott and I have been trying to figure out how they get a connection to Justinianopolis (and we still haven’t come up with an association), but while I was poking around, I happened upon some touristy page which includes some photos (which seem to be a couple years old) from the Antalya Museum, including this one (there doesn’t seem to be a better quality one):

Tüm Hakları Saklıdır.Antalya Müzesi

Compare that with the thing they hauled out of the sea:

via hurrieyet Daily News

Probably just a coincidence, but those a pretty close to being identical. The only difference (it seems to me, from grotty photos) is on the corners and the base of the new one isn’t quite elaborate. Very interesting …

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