Watching Football with the Rogueclassicist

Other than Classics, one of my obsessions is football of the North American variety (and increasingly the Australian variety as well, when I figure out when it is on TV here), in connection with which I have a separate twitter account (@mistermeadows) which I use to tweet during games (along with piles of other fans) and keep that chatter separate from my Classics chatter (@rogueclassicist). Still, I can’t always prevent the rogueclassicist from clawing his way through my mistermeadows persona, as can be seen in the following bit from this weekend’s game between the Hamilton Ticats and Montreal Alouettes. We’ll start with the play that brought the rogueclassicist out:

Chris Williams is an amazingly talented guy (and will probably end up in the NFL in the next few years, alas), but his early celebration prompted this tweet:

… and that tweet was made after he was ruled down on the one yard line. So where does Nemesis come in? Well just before the half:

… and he did it on national television, up close! So Nemesis came and forced him to put on a show he wouldn’t be so happy for everyone to see. I’m kind of surprised a video of it hasn’t showed up on Youtube yet … but I wasn’t finished:

… pardon the typo; I generally am typing with my left hand on my mobile while watching games. Sadly, none of the CFL Twitterati seem to have known what I was talking about …

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