Even More Classical Beer

Tip ‘o the pileus to Max Nelson of UWindsor fame for pointing us to some more beer brands to have at our ultimate Classical conference. We’ll just mention in passing this Caesar Augustus (a lager/IPA hybrid … hmmmm) and Julius (which is no longer in production). I was almost disappointed in the Hadrian Border Brewery’s offering, until I made it to the bottom of the page … this is a nice selection:

… and a couple more which I figure are worth mentioning:

… it’s starting to look like we’ll have to hold this conference in the UK to get the best variety. So our American friends will be responsible for bringing the Pliny the Elder, we Canucks will bring the Clamato for the Caesars, and we’ll see what’s in season when we get to the UK …

Just to keep the catering list together:

4 thoughts on “Even More Classical Beer

  1. Herodotus uses ‘heineken’ three times in passages relating to foreign travel e.g. Solon travelling ‘theories heineken’ , Paris taking Helen to Troy etc. I once wrote a letter to C A News accusing Herodotus of blatant ‘product placement’ and of seeking royalties for making the subliminal suggestion that Heineken reaches places other beers don’t reach.

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