Marathon Comic!

The incipit of a review over at Comic Book Resources:

Marathon is exactly what it sounds like: an account of the battle of Marathon in 490 B.C., brought to us by filmmaker Boaz Yakin (I don’t know why he wrote a comic; his most recent movie was the Jason Statham vehicle Safe, and he doesn’t appear to have an ancient Greek movie in the pipeline) and artist Joe Infurnari. The comic is published by First Second and costs $16.99.

There’s not much to say about the way Yakin writes Marathon. It’s a very straight-forward account of the battle and of Eucles, the legendary Athenian runner who supposedly ran all over Greece before and after the battle (he’s an invention of ancient historians – Herodotus, for instandce – but a pretty cool one). Early on, we get flashbacks to Eucles as a boy, winning a race and impressing the Athenian tyrant, Hippias, who kills his own son for finishing second to a lowly slave (Hippias is not a nice guy). Eucles becomes his personal messenger, but with one condition: If he fails, his parents will be killed. So of course he does fail – once – because the other boys, including Hippias’ son Philon and Philon’s best friend, Antigonos, are jealous of his rise and beat him up. Later, Hippias is defeated by the Spartans and driven into exile – Eucles begs the Spartan king to have him killed – but years later, he returns as part of the Persian army under their king, Darius. He has been promised Athens as a client kingdom if he helps retake it. And so the stage is set! […]

The rest:

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