Putin ‘Fesses Up

This is sort of interesting in a ‘closure of the story’ sort of way but also in a ‘never thought we’d hear him admit it’ sort of way too. Various versions of this one … we’re excerpting the Indian Express:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has admitted to staging some of his most famous stunts, including meeting endangered big cats and the “discovery” of ancient Greek amphorae in the Black sea, a Russian journalist has claimed.

However, Putin complained that while he was ridiculed for his stage-managed photo opportunities, they at least raised awareness and encouraged people to “start reading” about history and environmental issues.

His comments came during a bizarre 20-minute conversation in the Kremlin with an opposition journalist, who claims to have recently lost her job over refusing to cover his most recent stunt, The Telegraph reports.

In an article published in Moscow”s Big City Journal, she said the Russian president unexpectedly rang her soon after she lost her job to express his regret at “inadvertently becoming the cause” of her sacking, and invited her to the Kremlin, where in an unexpected frank admission, he acknowledged that many of his stunts are stage-managed.

“Well, there was overexposure, and I was to blame for that,” he had allegedly said. […]



You can follow the ‘thread’ back in this sordid tale here: Putin, Phangoria, Fake? Well duh …


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