Edinburgh Classics Research Seminars 2012-2013

seen on the Classicists list:

Classics Research Seminar, and other classical seminar events
School of History, Classics, and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh

SEMESTER 1, 2012-13

Unless otherwise indicated, seminars begin at 5.10 on Wednesdays in the Meadows Lecture Theatre, William Robertson Wing, Teviot Place, and are followed by drinks in the McMillan Room. All are welcome!

Wednesday 19 September, 6 pm:
Meeting of the Classical Association of Scotland, Edinburgh and South East Centre
Professor Judith Barringer (University of Edinburgh)
The Changing Image of Zeus at Olympia

Wednesday 26 September
Professor Jon Solomon (University of Illinois)
Greco-Roman Music in the 1890s: From Excavation to the Olympic Congress to Broadway Spectacular

Thursday 27 September, 1-2 pm, G.16 William Robertson Wing: Informal Talk
Professor Joseph Day (Wabash College)
Informal talk on Greek Epigram

Thursday 27 September, G.16, William Robertson Wing:
Archaeology Research Seminar
Professor Leslie Preston Day (Wabash College)
From Palace to Polis on Crete: The Evidence from Kavousi

Wednesday 3 October
Professor Roland Mayer (King?s College London)
Roman Ruin-mindedness

Wednesday 10 October
Dr Diana Rodríguez Pérez (University of Edinburgh)
Eagle and Snake in the Ancient Greek World: Similes and Warnings

Thursday 11 October at 5 pm in the Sydney Smith Lecture Theatre, Teviot Place:
Meeting of the Gender History Network Work-in-Progress Seminar
Dr Glenys Davies (University of Edinburgh)
Body Language, the Romans and Gender
Dr Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones (University of Edinburgh)
?Salome, Nice Girl?: Rita Hayworth?s Biblical Vamp

Wednesday 17 October
Dr Beth Munro (University of Edinburgh)
Social Perceptions of Recycling in the Roman World

Wednesday 24 October
Dr Benjamin Gray (University of Edinburgh)
Exile and the Fault Lines of Greek Citizenship

Wednesday 31 October
Professor Tim Whitmarsh (Corpus Christi College, Oxford)
Adventures of the Solymoi: Homeric Jews

Wednesday 7 November
Dr Myles Lavan (University of St Andrews)
Manumission, Enfranchisement, and the Claudian Census Figure

Tuesday 13 November, 6 pm, Teviot Lecture Theatre, Teviot Place:
Memorandum of Understanding Special Seminar in History, Classics and Archaeology
Professor Makoto Anzai (Hokkaido University)
An Epic Hero Performing a Heroic Epic: Iliad 9.182-195

Wednesday 14 November
Dr Peter Thonemann (Wadham College, Oxford)
Phrygia: An Anarchist History

Wednesday 21 November
Dr Susan Walker (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford)
Saints and Salvation: Late Roman Gold-Glass in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Wednesday 28 November, 6 pm: Meeting of the Classical Association of Scotland
Dr Sarah Miles (Durham University)
Comic Drama and the Popularising of Attic Tragedy: A Case for Attic Pop. Culture?

Wednesday 5 December in Teviot Lecture Theatre, Teviot Place
Professor Tony Woodman (University of Virginia)
Fragments from the Past: Some Early Roman Historians

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