Has This Inscription Been Published?

Does anyone know if this inscription has been published (I’m trying to figure out if this is a new find that hasn’t been reported or is something that has long been known):

click for a larger version

8 thoughts on “Has This Inscription Been Published?

  1. In Manfred Clauss’ database on Roman Inscriptions I only found this: CIL 08, 27459 = D 05943a = AE 1895, 00027 = AE 2006, +00054 or ILTun 01560 = AE 1929, 00071. If not there, it is not published ;-). Written with my HP TouchPad.

  2. Dear David,
    the inscription is, I am very sure, not published. Would you send me the photo for our database EDCS? Where was the inscription found? The text is:
    Ex auctoritat[e] /
    et sententia /
    Imp(eratoris) Caes(aris) T(iti) Aeli /
    Antonini Aug(usti) /
    Pii determina/tio facta publica /
    All the best manfred clauss

  3. Thank you to Drs Kobes and Clauss … we should note that a link to Dr Elliott’s diss. which mentions other versions of this inscription is in a comment attached to the photo itself (i.e. click the photo and the comment is there) …

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