Blogosphere ~ Marc Antony’s Assault of Publius Clodius: Fact or Ciceronian Fiction?

History of the Ancient World: Marc Antony’s Assault of Publius Clodius: Fact or Ciceronian Fiction?.


One thought on “Blogosphere ~ Marc Antony’s Assault of Publius Clodius: Fact or Ciceronian Fiction?

  1. You have this and another Cicero article, this has nothing to do with either but is just a past post of mine about their domus locations to each other and Julius Caesar’s which might be of some interest.

    (Photo) OR (back-up photo)
    See the ruins ‘right of center’ by the tree on the right section of the Arch of Titus.

    That was the main entrance to this house that opened onto the Upper Via Sacra, this was at the upper right corner of this house.

    From that corner go 90deg to the left for ~35m, now straight down ~35m, then 90deg right ~35m and then straight-up ~35m.

    You now have a square and beneath the present day ground level is the basement of this house.

    It contains walls that once supported the house above plus 50 small slave cells with stone beds, a household shrine and a small bath-house.

    (Slave cells like these but this photo is mis-ID’ed and not at this location but next to the Temple of Romulus.

    The only ground-floor remains are in that upper right corner area

    From the official ‘The Roman Forum’ guidebook put out by the ‘Soprintendenza Archeologica di Roma’.

    The House of Marcus Aemilius Scaurus…built 74BC…in 58BC he is an Aedile and adds 4 of the 360 Phrygian marble columns he’s using for a temporary theatre to this house (Pliny).

    In 53BC he sells the house to Publius Clodius for 15 million sesterces.

    “This tribune of the people, like Scaurus before him, used to receive every day in the atrium a throng of people bound to him by the strong ties of the patron-clent system.
    The day he was murdered by Milone, it was to this part of the house that a great part of the Roman people flocked to pay homage.”

    Now where the aerial view photos are taken is roughly the site of the Domus once belonging to Marcus Livius Drusus, tribune in 91BC which has been identified also he was stabbed there.

    This house was bought by Cicero for for 3.5M sestertii….It was situated on the northern side of the (Palatine) Hill, in a prominent position (“My house is on view to practically the entire city.” Cirero).

    Now ancient writers tell us its location (NE Palatine) and that it is adjacent to the Domus Publica (Julius Caesar’s home at the time). Domus Public’s ruins in left-center OR

    One problem I see for this being Publius Clodius’ house is that Cicero had once threatened to build his home higher to block Clodius’ view of the city which he had hoped/tried to destroy?
    But that section of view would have already been blocked by the Palatine Hill alone plus any other structures on top of it? zetteer/Places/Europe/Italy/Lazio/Roma/R ome/_Texts/PLATOP*/Domus_Ciceronis.html OR

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