Artemis (maybe) from Alabanda

From Hurriyet:

English: Aydın location Çine. Türkçe: Aydın Çi...
English: Aydın location Çine. Türkçe: Aydın Çine ilçesinin konumu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A marble sculpture head of Artemis from the fourth century BC has been uncovered in the ancient city of Alabanda as the archeological excavations there come to a close. In some of the excavations made at the site, the doors of the ancient city were uncovered, the head of the excavation team, Aydın Adnan Menderes University Archeology department academic Suat Ateşlier said. The walls from the Byzantine era were also found, he added.

These walls and the road were uncovered near the Temple of Apollo, said Ateşlier. “We have also found a very valuable sculpture head in the same area. The quality of the sculpture is very good, and it is in very good condition. This is a goddess sculpture.” He added that experts believed it was of the goddess Artemis, the sister of Apollo.

Ateşlier said they had started in July and this season many newly excavated artifacts has been uncovered at the site. The team closed the excavations on Dec. 20.

This year also geophysical analysis was done in the area and another goddess’ temple was found, added Ateşlier.

The location of the temple was determined, and next year the excavations will be done in that area, he said.

The site is located in Çine, in the Aegean province of Aydın.

The original article has a nice photo of the head in situ … I suspect the identification is made based on the apparent fillet in the hair (which rules out Aphrodite, perhaps); not sure if I detect an earring there or not which might suggest this is an empress of some sort. Even if there is no earring, compare the hairstyle, e.g., to this image of Sabina  (Hadrian’s wife)… Alabanda, by the way, was the ancient Antiochia of the Chrysaorians

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