Yet Another Retrial of Socrates

From Business Insider:

Despite the recent spate of gun violence to grip the city, some of Chicago’s top attorneys plan to spend their time arguing a 2,400-year-old free speech case.

Dan Webb of Winston and Strawn and Robert Clifford, the former chair of the American Bar Association Section of Litigation will represent Socrates Jan. 31 in the Windy City while former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald will represent the city of Athens, Greece, The ABA Journal reported Wednesday.

The Chicago lawyers are taking a stab at the trial and re-trying the case as part of a fundraiser for the National Hellenic Museum.

Socrates, a famed philosopher, was tried and executed in Athens in 399 B.C.E. after city leaders became upset with his teachings and the effect they were having on society, according to the University of Missouri Kansas City.

Officially, Socrates was charged with refusing to recognize the gods, introducing new divinities, and corrupting the youth.

Back in 2009, Cambridge University Professor Paul Cartledge decided the trial was legally justified and Socrates was guilty of the charges, The Telegraph reported at the time.

Judge Richard Posner, most famous for his ongoing criticism of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, will preside over the trial, according to the Chicago Reader.

If you want to attend: Trial of Socrates

As can be seen in the article, this sort of thing has been done before. Here’s our previous coverage of such events:


2 thoughts on “Yet Another Retrial of Socrates

  1. The crimes of Socrates was not so much his insult to “the gods” but his attempt to lead a violent revolution in Athens to replace the democracy with an oligarchy.
    However, the biggest sin of Socrates was not open sedition but his anathema to education via reading and writing.
    If not for his heretical pupil Plato who wrote down Socrates’ comments, the existence of Socrates would deservedly be ignored. The irony of Socrates attitude that reading and writing were an anathema to learning through memory was that Socrates was likely the World’s First Certified Dyslexic who opposed reading and writing because it was a new skill that he could not master.
    If you are reading this, you need to understand that when he took the hemlock, Socrates still did not suffer enough.

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