New Mailing List: PUNIC-UK

making the rounds … this one’s from the Classicists list:

Dear Colleagues,

We write to call attention to a mailing list designed to share information of interest to those interested in Phoenician and Punic Studies, especially but of course not only in the UK. This initiative is a collaboration between graduate students, post-docs and postholders at Leicester, Glasgow and Oxford, under the aegis of the Oxford Centre for Phoenician and Punic Studies (

The list is based at:

Following this link will take you to the mail-list’s homepage, and you can join the list by clicking on the ‘Subscribe or Unsubscribe’ option and following the simple instructions.
Anyone may post to the list, by sending a message to: PUNIC-UK AT JISCMAIL.AC.UK
All posts are checked by a moderator, so you can be assured that you will not receive ‘spam’.
The list does not support attachments.

… interesting that the ‘list’ is still alive and well enough that folks start new ones …

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