CFP: Ancient Inscriptions (ASOR session)

Seen on the Agade list:

Call for Papers for the “Ancient Inscriptions” Session at the Annual
meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research.

We are interested in papers that focus on any aspect of the epigraphic
record for the ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean worlds,
particularly those papers treat recently-excavated inscriptions or new
readings of inscriptions which have been excavated and published in
the past. The deadline for the submission of an abstract is February
15, 2013. Abstracts must be submitted via the ASOR web site

The 2013 ASOR Annual Meeting will be held in Baltimore, MD, from
November 20th to 23rd. The Annual Meeting is the yearly
coming-together of ASOR’s vibrant academic community. The conference
attracts over 900 scholars and enthusiasts of archaeology,
linguistics, geography, epigraphy, anthropology, and other fields
related to the study of the ancient Near East.

Professional membership in ASOR is a prerequisite for participation in
the Annual Meeting Program as a paper presenter or session chair
(Associate Memberships and Contributing Memberships do not qualify).
The only exception to this rule is for students enrolled at an
Institutional Member school. In addition to ASOR membership,
registration for the Annual Meeting is also a requirement for all
participants in the Annual Meeting Program. All program participants
must register for the Annual Meeting after submitting their abstracts
for review. All of this can be done via the ASOR web site as well.

Those wishing to correspond with the chairs of this session are
welcome to do so.

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