Darius Arya: Gladiator Tomb Redux

Efforts continue to prevent the so-called ‘Gladiator Tomb‘ from being lost to reburial … today we feature a post by Darius Arya, who has spearheaded the effort to save it for further research. Perhaps rogueclassicism readers who haven’t yet signed the petition can push it ‘over the top’ of the 5000-signature goal:

I am writing today to appeal to you, dear reader, to consider signing and sharing the ipetition that advocates the re-evaluation and preservation of the second century AD Marcus Nonius Macrinus mausoleum and surrounding excavation site along a section of the ancient Via Flamina, nearby today’s Via Vitorichiano.  

 Why?  The site has, since its discovery in 2008, captured the world’s imagination and interest in ancient Rome because of the magnificent state of the remains as well as its affiliation with a larger than life movie character, played by Oscar award winning actor Russell Crowe in the film Gladiator.  Around the world this synergy between historical fact and Hollywood magic piqued people’s curiosity and interest in history and discovery of the past.  Now, it’s to be covered due to lack of funds.  Many media outlets have cited the dilemma, which encapsulates not just what Italy faces, but what all countries worldwide now face, regarding heritage preservation.  (See the ample ipetition news summary links).  State funding is lacking; new solutions and partnerships are required.

At the moment, a successful resolution is possible, as involved stakeholders are discussing with the Archaeological Superintendency of Rome.  Not a small part of this new impetus to create a resolution other than burying the site has been due to our own efforts to give the public a voice through social media conversation and the ipetition.  So I implore you to sign the petition- and help us meet our goal.

 Then, I ask you to share the link with your friends, colleagues, students.  Our goal is to exceed 5000 signatures in all haste; we’ve been at this since December 10th  and lately the momentum has been slowing down!  We have just over 1000 signatures to obtain to reach our goal.  Time is of the essence.  If a 100 people share the ipetition with 10 friends, we’ll make our goal this week.  Please do share the link.

Thank you!

Darius Arya

American Institute for Roman Culture, Executive Director 

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