Milman Parry on BBC 4

Tip o’ the pileus to Ian Spoor for alerting me to this one which is coming up on BBC4:

Episode Six of a thirty-part series made in collaboration with the British Library Sound Archive.

In 1933, a young classics scholar called Milman Parry made a journey through the hill villages of the Balkans to record poets and singers. He captured an oral tradition that has all but died out – peasant performers who recited epic tales over days without any form of prompt.

Professor David Hendy of the University of Sussex explains how ancient tales were remembered and passed down, and travels to the ancient Theatre of Epidaurus in Greece to find out what the audience would have made of it all up in the ‘gods’.

Featuring archive extracts of traditional stories from the Balkans, Kyrgyzstan, West Africa, and India.

Audio for this one will be available “soon” … here’s the Noise: A Human History home page.

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