Kickstarter: Help Restore the Olympias

This is an interesting project to restore the Olympias and get it shipshape (sorry, couldn’t resist) for the premiere to the sequel of “300”. Here’s a bit from the tease:

Triremes are truly amazing ships! 

This is a very exciting project: to finish the restoration of a real Trireme — the only one in the world and to film a documentary about the vessel and its journey!  But it’s also a big and expensive project, and it doesn’t help that Greece is in the midst of a major economic crisis that seems to get worse each day. 

Lack of funding meant we had to stop the restoration. And now as poor “Olympias” sits in her cradle in Athens –We wondered could this be the end of this story? […]

… check it out (and maybe help it out) at:

…. maybe this would be a nice year-end project for all the Classics Clubs out there (you know you’re going to the movie) … at least it might help us get over the lack of Olympias participation in the Olympics (Olympias at the Olympics Scuttled). For what it’s worth, the folks are asking for less than 10 percent of what was being asked for a couple of years ago to get the Olympias to the Tall Ships thing in New York (A Trireme in Hudson Bay ???) although there was an exhibition associated with that as well.

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